Doggett Street

The Doggett Street project occupies a heavily-trafficked corner site with a harsh westerly aspect to its longer frontage. A masonry screen filters light and offers privacy to the interior while maintaining a dialogue with the streetscape to each side, a convivial opening to the Doggett Street main frontage and a discreet veil to the private entry. The masonry structure presents an independent facade, preserving both the integrity of the cottage and the new address of the showroom below.


The colour and natural variation of the brick façade resonates on both counts with the site’s most significant landscape feature, a major slab of rock emerging from the site’s main frontage. The stone is Brisbane Tuff, a resource quarried during the 19th century for use in the construction of Brisbane’s earliest civic buildings. Acknowledging this value, its presence is amplified through the use of the earthy brick, anchoring the project to its site and the city’s history.

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